Voice Council Magazine 10

Discover Your Vocal ID. The quest to find your originality should be at the top of your list –says Daniel Zangger Borch. Want to sing like Beyoncé, Bruce Dickinson or Stevie Wonder? How long will it take? Weeks? Months?


Voice Council Magazine 9

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence for October. Daniel Borch is one of Sweden’s most recognized vocal coaches, regularly appearing popular TV shows such as Idol, True Talent and X-Factor. Now he joins us as our Vocal Coach in Residence for October.


Voice Council Magazine 8

Get Your Riffing Right. Knowing when, where and how much is vital –says Daniel Borch. Riffing is vocal ornamentation (a.k.a. Melisma, Licks, Turns) where the singer makes small changes in the melody. These can either be rehearsed or improvised.


Voice Council Magazine 7

Vocalists Who Make It – Daniel Borch reveals the secrets behind a professional career in music. Our reasons for singing are varied: one person may use it as safety valve to alleviate the pressures of a stressful life, another may be determined to become a star and a third may sporadically use it to add [...]


Voice Council Magazine 6

Find Your Unique Sound – Claim your unique sound and stand out as an artist -says Daniel Borch. Creating your own personal sound is one of the main tasks facing rock, pop and soul singers.


Voice Council Magazine 5

Your Vocal Work Pie – Eat three pieces and be ready for any vocal challenge –says Daniel Borch. One of the best things you can do for your vocal and career progression is to see your vocal work as having three pieces.


Voice Council Magazine 4

Solve Performance Fears – Knowing the difference between nerves & fear will change your next performance –says Daniel Borch. Being nervous before a gig is natural.


Voice Council Magazine 3

Master Your Ghost Notes – It’s time to get into the groove with those “pitch-neutral” notes –says Daniel Borch I often produce and edit vocals and it’s common to see record companies rely on technology to correct both pitch and timing instead of developing the skill of the singer.


Voice Council Magazine 2

Get into the Groove – Mastering rhythm may be your secret to fantastic vocals –says Daniel Borch As singers and vocal coaches, we often focus on reaching high notes, increasing volume and control, safe singing techniques and vocal effects –but seldom really address rhythm.


Voice Council Magazine 1

From Practice to Performance. Songlike exercises are the the key for building your voice for the stage –says Daniel Borch.


Voice Council Magazine Interview

Daniel Zangger Borch is Vocal Coach in Residence for Voice Council Magazine for 8 weeks and will be giving coaching feedback for subscribers. Read an interview with Daniel. (In English)


Secret super team behind Anna’s slammin victory

Article about Daniel Zangger Borch’s collaboration with Anna Bergendahl for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Text Martin Ekelund, Published on, 2010-02-28 Back to Voice Centre’s press articles Sweden’s new schlager darling Daniel Zangger Borch, PhD in popular song (Ph.D. in musical performance) Anna Bergendahl has been assisted by Mattias Carlsson, who directed Rybak’s victory [...]