Singing Seminars

Voice Centre organizes: seminars, lectures, workshops, clinics, master classes in singing, vocal techniques, voice and presentation. For providers of educational institutions, the music industry and business. We have regular assignments in Sweden and abroad, examples of previous clients you can see here >

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You can order individual hours, half or full days, a weekend or even a few recurring intervals? We tailor all tuition for your specific needs and desires. Welcome!


Examples of vocal workshops

– Ultimate Vocal Voyage:

Vocal Coaches Daniel Zangger Borch and Melissa Cross

Daniel Zangger Borch, Vocal Coach, with colleague Melissa Cross from New York, specializing in dist vocals.

A review of the methods and the background to Daniel Zangger Borch’s methods are summarized in the book ”Big Vocal Voyage”.

- Here is your voice
How does it look? How does it work? When we create our very own sound? A voice anatomical examination from a vocal perspective.

- Speech & Presentation
How can you improve your presentations by projecting the voice in the right way and using proper body language. Whether you’re a salesperson, teacher or company leader, you can benefit greatly by increasing your knowledge of the speaking voice’s qualities as a messenger. How do you get your voice to last through long days of meetings, phone calls and presentations and how do you best take care of the voice in periods of long trips and potential colds.

Earlier satisfied customers among others The fund company East Capital!


Daniel Borch röstforskning vocal research

Daniel Zangger Borch present his research at the World Congress in Philadelphia, USA 2008

– Methodology for the pop singer
How does the voice work in the popular musical genres? What style and sound ideals prevail?, Repertoire Tips, How to make adequate exercises that attracts pop singer? What is all the electronics for? and so on.

- A pedagogical add on
Pedagogical approaches like: How do you teach heterogeneous groups, presentation, and expectation models, interpreter or voice builder?

We have interesting discussions and share experiences

- Why risk cancellation of concerts, tours or recordings?
Do not risk costly tours and recording sessions canceled due to voice problems. Hire a Voice Coach (Vocal Coach) as a preventive measure before, or as an aid in current events. Get help to warm up, directives to care for the voice and maximize the artist’s overall success.

Sångcoacher Daniel Borch och Seth Riggs

Daniel after his lecture in London in 2006 with Seth Riggs to the right, vocal coach for among others Michael Jackson, and Maureen Scott to the left, vocal coach for among others Chris Martin of Coldplay

– Learn to understand the artist’s needs from a voice point of view
Get the most and the best of your artists by getting insight into the singer’s life. The requirements and the pressures the voice have to endure ”A lecture for you in the office!

- A pop historic travel!:
A journey through the history of popular music, where you will learn the characteristics of the different genres